Lomi lomi basic

The masseuse in TOPLESS with body and body

It is one of the deepest forms of massage, derived from the ancient Polynesians, more specifically from the traditional healers of Hawaii. It is a very soft and very relaxing massage using the arms flowing and flowing until completely nourishing the patient’s body. Try the massage lomi lomi in Madrid You will relax!

$80€60 minutes

  • Topless massage
  • From Hawaii
  • You can do it for 30 minutes for € 50
  • You can do it for 120 minutes for € 150

Massage Jit-Lag Relaxing with Pressure – Tuina Massage and Chiromassage

The pressure that is made through the technique Jit Lag causes the muscles to relax, which prevents excess tension and promotes the passage of energy throughout the body. This therapeutic massage is very useful both for muscle relaxation and to heal areas affected by some ailment.