Massages with a happy ending in Madrid

The massages with a happy ending in Madrid have therapeutic consequences for both your body and your mind. Massages with a happy ending use your body’s energy to relax, with the intention that this sensation stays with you beyond the massage room.

If you have never tried massages with a happy ending, you do not know what you are missing. There are many massages of this type that affect different ailments or needs. Our massages with a happy ending in Madrid work with the energy of your own body to regenerate the affected parts, always working on your most needed areas.

Do you want to discover the benefits of a massage with a happy ending in Madrid? Come and meet us and enjoy the best Happy Ending in Madrid.

Our Erotic Massages

Relax your senses with our erotic massages with happy ending

Our proposal includes erotic massages for women, both with male and female masseurs. In addition to erotic massages for men we also have a wide range of therapeutic massages and sensual massages for women.

If you want to enjoy massages with your partner or with 4-hand massages, our masseurs will do that you fulfill all your fantasies.

An integral sensitive massage allows you to leave the rhythm of Madrid for a moment, but also its therapeutic consequences are noted in the long term. You can notice from the first moment that many of the pains that accompany you every day disappear little by little, but also the massage also affects your mood and your psychological balance.

Our Therapeutic Massages

Happy ending in Madrid

The Happy Ending experience is different from any other traditional massage method. The sexual energy that we release is enough to heal both our body and our mind, our masseurs are able to take advantage of all that potential to heal the stress points that block your body and your mind, getting you to forget the daily threats .

Types of erotic massages

There are many types of erotic massages in Madrid, in our center we perform the most traditional, such as full massage with happy ending, but we also have new proposals that you will only find in Indira Massage.

These are just some of our massages in Madrid. All of them are performed by experienced professional masseurs, capable of analyzing your case in depth and providing you with the best treatment.

We have two types of massage, therapeutic and tantric. Therapeutic massages especially affect physical ailments, tantric massages focus on both the energy created by your body and the psychic part.

Enjoying a treatment of this type is an investment for your health. By making the energy flow normally, we de-stress the organism, so that the harmful consequences derived from stress disappear.

Traditional oriental massage techniques have healed people over many centuries, in the West they are relatively new, however we have already been able to understand their functioning and adapt it to the rhythm of Western life. In Masajes Indira we have been working with this type of treatments for many years, the results have always been highly satisfactory.

If you want to know more about our massages contact us or by mail at or at the telephones + 34 645 350 376 or +34 692 401 333