Are you looking for the best oriental massage in Madrid?, you found it. In Masajes Indira we have the most complete proposal on oriental massage in Madrid, an oriental erotic massage that you will not forget.
Our oriental massage center is specialized in relaxing treatments, a perfect solution for people who need a relaxing therapy and they are looking for something different.
Our oriental massages are invigorating, revitalizing and uplifting. We work in different parts of the body, including upper back, shoulders, face ant others. We insist on acupressure points to break free all the energy of your body.
Usually we focus in stress signals because it causes most of the little pains that we feel diary, but we can get other benefits, relieving eye strain, insomnia or migraines.
If you need an oriental massage with something different just come to visit us. You will not receive the typical oriental massage in Madrid, we provide a complete experience, based in the millenary knowledge of Asian cultures.

What is an oriental erotic massage?

An oriental massage is a treatment based in the search of balance and harmonise the flow of chi, the life force, through meridians, the energy paths.
Oriental massages look for different objectives, most of them related with relax and wellness.
There is a special group of treatments called oriental erotic massage, this kind of massage have benefits for the wellness as well, but in these treatments we play with sexual energy.
Our oriental massage center provides different kinds of oriental massage, we have a complete group of professionals, specialized in healing through these special techniques.

Types of oriental massages

We have the largest offer of tantric and oriental massage in Madrid. These are all our treatments.

  • Tui-Na: This is a therapeutic modality of chinese massage used in Asia for almost 2.000 years. We look for the flow of Qi, through the meridians of the body. 
  • Jit Lag: This is a pressure massage, perfect for people who need relaxing treatments. It combines Tui Na and quiromassage techniques.
  • Decontracting: The main objective of decontracting massage is unload the muscles along the body.
  • Lomi Lomi: This is a Hawaiian massage. It runs the entire body with the arms and palms with the rhythm of Hawaiian music. Using this technique we eliminate muscular contractions and we can harmonize body and soul. 
  • Balinese massage: This is one of the best known Asian massages. We follow the original path, in fact, some of our therapists are specialized in Balinese treatments. We identify the most affected areas by stress, to help the energy to flow.
  • Erothic thai massage of mutual oils: This massage is totally nude, the therapist performs a body to body massage to free you from tensions.
  • Hindu massage: This treatment is focused in your chakras and it is totally naked. We follow the Ayurvedic teachings, which use millennial knowledge about the body for healing.   
  • Oriental massage with 4 hands: This will be an unforgettable experience for you. Two expert girls will relax you with the perfect happy end. 
  • Hindu gold: It is one of our five stars massages. Body to body, our masseurs perform it totally nude.  
  • Oriental VIP: This treatment is longer than others. It mix different techniques to provide you a complete experience, and all the benefits of the oriental erotic massages.
  • Thai with pindas: It is a mutual, interactive and intensive massage, using pindas.

We have all these techniques for you. You can choose your treatment depending on the objective that you are looking for. 

All our therapeutic remedies try to influence in some key points of the body. Sometimes, the energy that we save in our organism is static, an oriental massage in Madrid can break free this vigour, avoiding stress and other ailments located in body and soul.  

Our oriental erotic massages relax you

The combination of Ayurvedic and oriental massages has a relaxing effect in all the body. This treatments are based on millennial secrets, most of them discovered in Asia, specially in China and India. 

Asia has given us the treasure of body solutions equally effective for the body and for the mind. Why do oriental massages can relax the body so effectively?, the reason is based on the manipulation of the energy of the body. Asian culture says that the human body is not only formed by bones and tissues, we save high quantities of energy which travel along our organism. If this vitality is stopped, our body and our mind can be damaged, the first signal is the sense of stress and nervousness. 

Some of this energy is related with sexual capacities. If we are able to liberate this sexual vigour, we can eliminate most of our physical and psychological problems.  

So these are the reasons why an oriental erotic massage can be the perfect solution for most of your daily problems.

Best oriental massages in Madrid

We have the best oriental massages in Madrid. We just work with professional girls, specialized in oriental erotic massages, because we know that to provide a perfect Asian massage, it is necessary to get the proper technique. 

We choose just people able to understand the secrets of Asian treatments. Some oriental massage centers in Madrid have not any expert masseuse, so this massages do not provide the true healing of mind and body.

We have the best Asian masseuses, and we provide the perfect place to get this kind of treatment. For Asian culture, environment is very important, and it is proved that massages are more effective if we have a particular environment.

In Masajes Indira we have the perfect place for Asian erotic massages, a place where you can be relaxed, private and discreet just for you.  

Our oriental erotic center has been giving therapeutic and erotic pleasure for long years, trying to offer the best Asian massage in Madrid, in fact, for most people we provide the best Asian treatments in the capital.      

Price of oriental massages

We complete our perfect service with the best prices. Our prices depend on the type of massage that you choose, in any case, we have the best prices for professional massages in Madrid. 

The price of each massage includes a private space just for you, erotic massage and rehabilitation of affected areas. If you have an specific physical problem, for example, a contracture, you can ask for an specific solution. We try to help you to harmonize your mind and your body, healing the most usual physical problems arising from stress.

For Asian philosophy is very important to connect properly mind, body and soul. One of the solutions to fix the energy of the mind and the body is enjoying the pleasure of oriental massages, we work in that sense, just because we learned all the knowledge needed to provide all the benefits of Asian massages. 

We are different because we work with professionals girls, the main result is that the positive consequences last in the body.

if you want to know more about our treatments just check our website. There you can know aur girls as well, and know the place that you can visit when you want to get all the benefits of a proper oriental erotic massage in Madrid.