Lomi Lomi

The Lomi Lomi massage is native to Hawaii, the Lomi Hawaiian massage gently runs the entire body with the arms and palms of the rhythm of Hawaiian music that plays in the background, something that makes the Lomi Hawaiian Lomi something very special. Massage is used to eliminate tensions and muscular contractions, but it is also used to harmonize the whole body and relax the mind.

$60€60 minutes

  • Original Hawaiian Lomi
  • Body with arms and palms
  • Hawaiian music
  • Relaxing

Hawaiian Massage Lomi-Lomi – Hawaiian Therapy in Madrid

The Hawaiian massage or Lomi Lomi not only acts on the body, it also does it on the vital energy, discover with us the remote origins of the Hawaiian massage and how the art of healing according to the Hawaiian culture is interpreted. The main objective is to reach harmony (lokahi) of the body, both through ritual and through massage. In case the masseur detects some muscular problem, it is enough to move the hand gently by means of slight and long touches throughout the body, thus relieving tensions, contractions or alterations of tissues. This massage is especially recommended for people with stress, and is one of the latest trends in relaxing and exotic massages. The Lomi Lomi has its origin in the techniques of ancient Hawaiian healers, who through the philosophy of the Huna treated aspects of both body and mind.